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The Pioneer set is hand crafted from borosilicate glass and silver plated hammered copper. The design is based around the age old concept of adding silver to water to purify it and prevent bacteria.

I knew that silver was being used in the medical industry to speed up the healing of wounds, so I decided to look into other properties the material had.

Through research I discovered that silver had long been used to disinfect and purify water, from the Egyptians storing water in silver containers, to sailors and early American pioneers putting silver coins in their flasks, barrels and water supplies to preserve the water and make it stay fresher for longer on their travels.

The design focuses around using the silver components in the most economic way, having them be the first and last point that the water touches. The glass carafe features a silver cuff which acts as a spout, whilst placed in the bottom of the vessel a double silver coin is placed inside the water, representing the coins used many years ago. The hammered finish was chosen to increase the surface area, thus increasing the amount of silver in contact with the water.

The tumbler was designed to mirror and compliment the carafe.

Positively charged silver particles oxidize and destroy negatively charged bacteria and pathogens.

The full extent to which silver can help treat the issue of clean drinking water has yet to be seen but ongoing research is showing its usage to be an exciting development for the global water supply.

Photography by Oskar Proctor.